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Dear runners,
First there was the inspiring lecture about running and spirituality followed by a lively interreligious discussion. We thus discovered how enriching it is to share experiences with and thoughts about running. In this process we got to know each better, achieved a deeper understanding of each other. We would like to build on this experience and want to create a platform for exchange, a discussion forum for all our experiences around running. We would like to share with a wider community the rich spectrum of running experiences and reflections. We want to make these visible and accessible to others and invite others to share their insights, thoughts and stories.

Our platform is a new and exciting experiment that will start with you. Please, feel free to share your insights, experiences and thoughts on our homepage. These can take very different forms – a report of a particular running experience, theoretical reflections or other insights and impressions. May be you want to share running- inspired poetry, songs or other creations. In this way, we make the vast range of running-inspired encounters visible to others, importantly; we may encourage others to share their stories with us.

We are looking forward to your contributions!

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