InterFaith Run 2021

The next interreligious and intercultural run “InterFaith – Run for a United World” will take place in an alternative form on May 16, 2021 (SUNDAY). Please note!

Dear InterFaith friends,

we, the organizing team from Luxembourg send you our best regards. We hope that you are doing well.
The corona pandemic continues, and its end is not foreseeable. Its manifold challenges remain. Long-term planning is uncertain.

The date of the internationally attended Ing Night Marathon on May 15, 2021 has been fixed, but in view of the global corona situation it is anything but certain.

After a thorough internal discussion we concluded to run InterFaith 2021 in an alternative format, but not within the ING Night Marathon, for the following reasons:

1) It is completely uncertain whether this international event can take place at all in view of the global pandemic with different local developments.
2) Above all, we do not want to expose runners and host families to the risk of infection.
3) Quite a few runners and host families are already at an advanced age and therefore even more at risk.

We invite you to take part in InterFaith 2021 together with us virtually and regionally. In this way we keep in touch with each other and try out a new way of meeting you.

1) The planned InterFaith date for our virtual meeting and for local runs is Sunday, May 16, 2021.
We are organizing two virtual meetings on this Sunday, for the spiritual start in the morning and a final in the evening, which also offers the possibility to share our running experiences via word, picture or video.
2) We invite you, wherever you are, to organize interreligious runs according to your possibilities. Maybe you will even be able to create additional forms of intercultural encounters during this weekend, such as a common meal and a common prayer for peace.
3) In spring 2021 – probably in March – we invite you for a first virtual InterFaith meeting, as a warmup for the InterFaith run in May 2021.

Corona urges us to try out creative solutions. We are looking forward to the experiment of a new kind of encounter with you. Let us stay connected in this way and spread the virus of peaceful coexistence across all borders.

We will send you an invitation in autumn 2020 to register for 2021. Concrete details about the two weekends will follow.

Best wishes on behalf of the InterFaith Team

Ingo Hanke

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